Think twice before using apps on ‘Facebook’ or sharing your access token

Hello everyone,
Do you think your information on Facebook is safe… na na naaa than you must be day dreaming….

Look how easy it is to hack your information on Facebook. All i need to do is to write few lines of code to collect your information [Believe me even school boy can write code for that, its sooooooooo simple, many websites provide free tutorial tooo].

Step 1: [create an app] [Give an fancy name so that people fall for it]

Step 2: Write small code to request user to give access to his information….

you can learn coding an Facebook app from this link :

Step 3: Wait for victims.

Step 4: Victim gives permission to your app.

Step 5: Access victims data using his username/userid. [Test case: One of my friend got trapped by my experiment… see how i can access his data…]

Solution 1:

Just keep away from unnecessary apps… delete them from you account…

Solution 2: [best] Never upload information to Facebook if it is very sensitive.

Have a nice day.
Shivaji varma…. 😛 😀