Set up your own Apache web server on Google Cloud Platform


Alternatively You can also host your website using Google apps engine, with out setting up Server.


I tried it and ended up with hosting this:

If yo wish to you can mask with your custom domain.
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Fork CMS – everyone loves Fork

“Hi, Last night was surfing the web for light weight CMS alternative to WordPress, final i ended up with this.”

Fork cms home page

Fork CMS is a Open source content management system with great user experience. It’s easy to install, easy to add content with it, easy to theme and easy to deploy.It has support for modules, custom themes, advanced SEO details, i18n, page templates, a splendid and fast admin dashboard, simple graphic installer, advanced marketing tools,  users & groups management, and lots more.

Everyone lives Fork


  • An intuitive and user friendly interface

  • Powerful apps that deliver

  • themes that make an impression

  • marketing monster that’s here to help

  • Open source to set the world free

You can fork the source code of “Fork CMS” at



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“Google apps for business” Vs “Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise”. (Review)

For people how people don’t know what they are….

They are cloud services provided by ‘Google’ and ‘Microsoft’..

1. Where you can create your own ’email service for you domain’ (Firstly you need a domain name Eg:

In Google apps:
Firstly configure you domain setting than create users with your domain mail ids.

Google provides all basic services for all users…. Eg: Google drive (Store and edit doc, excel, ppt files etc), groups, Google sites, blogger etc…..

google apps

google apps mail

Insert you own logo to your mail.

google apps mail

In Office 365:

Microsoft also provides similar services in addition it also provides support for Linq (Instant messenger for domain users).

You can control you Exchange server, SharePoint in browser itself no need of installation of applications. You can access Outlook, Microsoft office ( Word, Excel,…) as apps in browser it self.

Easy to control all services:

office 365

Control Exchange server (Mail server):

office 365

Online apps: Outlook, Skydrive, Linq host (serves as server for Linq desktop clients).

Newly added service Sites (similar to google sites) Create and Run your website in couple of clicks.


2.  Get special apps to make work easy and reduce cost-of-production.

In addition you can buy premium services provided in Google apps Marketplace like… ERP, Accounting tools, Documents controller etc.. and many more Business apps…..

google apps mail - Copy

Office 365 Enterprise also provides templates and Office integrated apps to get work done in better and efficient way.

Office apps

If you ask me which service is better, I say “It doesn’t matter what you use… Google apps or Office 365 (Both are equally good). All it matters is, in the end your work must be complete. 😛 :)”

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Windows 8 preview review

Similar to windows 7 with added performance and metro apps.

Comes with most of the system drivers pre-configured and installed.

Copying files:
File copying feature was improvised….

Less boot up:

Easy file search:

Download Windows 8 preview from here:

1. No search provided in windows apps store.

2. Visual studio 2012 doesn’t works in preview version.

3. There are many bugs yet to fixed.

4. Doesn’t support few legacy softwares.