14 thoughts on “Who is Shivaji

  1. Good day Sir,
    I just read your blog on DBMS Project–Bus ticket reservation, I love the way you give the steps and unfortunatly for me i cant have the complete steps or code. Am studing computer science and would like to write my mini project on Bus Ticket Reservation. Sir, can you please send me the remaining part of th DBMS project code. I will be very greatfull as that would CREDIT to my Education from you and I would never forget it. Thu, I may not have any thing to offer but i wont stop praying for you. thanks.
    My Email is , onyekesimon@yahoo.com

  2. Searching old cartoonNetwork website on google , I happened to came on your Blog. Although i am 22 , yet my mind is 12 years old or may be little then that. However , Being Electrical Engineer i like old cartoons very much and people in my surroundings call me child. Nonetheless , Brother , i’d like to see you if you have any Account for Gmail, Hotmil or FaceBook.

  3. Hello Shivaji,

    I am a computer science student and I want to work on a small project on bus ticket reservation. Kindly email me at imitator@india.com the complete project code. I will really appreciate and be very grateful for your assistance. I am stuck and you are the wonder to unstuck me! Please, help me. I don’t want to fail. please, please.

  4. Does anybody remember cartoon where a girl travels to reunite the all tribes , 5 animals with superpowers , it was probably brodcasted on sub tv or sahara one around 2000 to 2005. it was japanese anime with hindi dubbed. please help me find the name of cartoon. Thanks

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