How to host your website using ‘GITHUB’ ? no fee required..

First thing is first, code the website you want to host [using HTML, CSS and JavaScript], or you can download a website template on web, of-course they are mostly free.

Website source files and its related media files

Now logon to GITHUB account, Don’t possess one..? then better grab one right now…

GITHUB login screen

New follow the instruction very carefully:

Create a new repository and name it as “”

For example: my github username is “shivajivarma” so i create a repository with “

Creating repository

Upload the website files to the repository and commit it.

Files committed to repository

After few minutes you can access your site at “”.


If you want to route your DOMAIN name to hosted site. then open the command promt and ping the hosted site.

Example: c:/>ping

Ping to get the ip address

You can get the IP address ( pointing to it. copy it.

Place this IP address as “A record” in DNS zone of the DOMAIN.

DNS configure

Now you can access site at you CUSTOM DOMAIN.

I final i hosted my site on GITHUB –> similarly you can do it.

Good night.

With Regards,

Shivaji Varma  😀