Fork CMS – everyone loves Fork

“Hi, Last night was surfing the web for light weight CMS alternative to WordPress, final i ended up with this.”

Fork cms home page

Fork CMS is a Open source content management system with great user experience. It’s easy to install, easy to add content with it, easy to theme and easy to deploy.It has support for modules, custom themes, advanced SEO details, i18n, page templates, a splendid and fast admin dashboard, simple graphic installer, advanced marketing tools,  users & groups management, and lots more.

Everyone lives Fork


  • An intuitive and user friendly interface

  • Powerful apps that deliver

  • themes that make an impression

  • marketing monster that’s here to help

  • Open source to set the world free

You can fork the source code of “Fork CMS” at



-Shivaji Varma 😀