Namaste word has been derived from two Sanskrit words ‘nama’ meaning to bow and ‘te’ meaning you. It is a beautiful way of greeting people in India. Namaste is basically a way of saying hello what Englishmen usually do. Namaste is wished by folding the palms together resembling the prayer position. Well, in this article, we will give you the definition of Namaste, which is also known as Namaskar.

Namaste is a gesture of saying that “I honor the Spirit in you which is also in me.” It is a way of expressing that you and I are equal. While saying Namaste, the folded hands are usually kept close to the heart, thus indicating that I am glad to meet you and I am saying this from heart. It also acts as a mark of respect for elders. Namaste is the first thing that is taught to a child born in Indian families. To know more about the meaning of Namaste, read on.

In this section, we will throw light on the following aspects of Namaste:

Namaste has a lot of significance for the people of India. Well, Namaste is the folding of palms close to your heart, as a way of greeting the other person. It is usually accompanied by slight bowing of head. The hands that are held in unison represent the meeting of spirits.

Namaste is a gesture that is used in various contexts, on one hand where it is used for greeting the elders, then on the other hand, it is brought to use in the practice of yoga as an important Mudra. It is widely used in the culture of Buddhists.

How to Say Namaste
The right way of saying Namaste requires you to fold your hands, touch your palms and take the clasped hands close to your heart, resembling the position of hands while performing prayers and then wish your elders ‘Namaste’. Talking about how to pronounce Namaste, the correct way is to speak like this “Nam-a-stay”.

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