Old cartoon network shows —Lost memories

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I used to watch these shows in the past…….

Click on “Show Title” to get more details regarding show..


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Yogi bear

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The Addams Family

2 Stupid Dogs


Swat Kats

Scooby Doo

Tom and Jerry

Popeye the sailor man

The Mask

Jonny quest

Richie Rich

The Road Runner

The Sylverster & Tweety Mysteries

Loony toons

Captain Planet and the planetters

Gaia ,Caption palnet, Wheeler, Gi, Kwame, Linka, Ma-Ti

Left to Right ::Sly Sludge, Hoggish Greedly, Looten Plunder, Verminous Skumm, Dr. Blight and Top:: Duke Nukem


Kit Cloudkicker, Baloo

Powerpuff Girls

Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup

Dexter’s Laboratory

Dee dee, Dexter

Johnny bravo



Super man

Spider man



Samurai Jack

Jackie chan adventures



Optimus prime

Hot Shot

Rad White

Bud hansen






Ben 10

Ben Tysoon, Grandpa Max, Gwen

Ben tysoon, Gwen, Kevin Levin


Dragon Ball Z




Dink the little dinosaurs

Augie doggie


Justices league

Chip n dale

Help me in filling the list…
Just mail me other cartoon names which were missing [along with pic, if possible]  

Thank you,
shivaji varma…………. 😛

306 thoughts on “Old cartoon network shows —Lost memories

  1. Shivaji Varma,

    Out of those 15 shows that you’ve listed, I think I prefer Dexter’s Laboratory, for it is my all-time favorite TV show, and I like it besides James Cameron’s Avatar which is my all-time favorite movie. My favorite characters in that show are Dexter, Dee Dee, Lee Lee and Mee Mee (her Asian and Black friends) and Mandark. But out of those characters, I prefer Dee Dee’s Asian Friend, Lee Lee, for she is my favorite female character in Dexter’s Lab, besides my other favorite subjects, such as movies, and books, and dinosaurs, and Dexter’s Laboratory, and James Cameron’s Avatar, and especially the Na’vi and avatars in that movie.

    Well, Shivaji, I have a notion I have conceived of doing an epic film series back-to-back loosely based on and featuring the Dexter’s Laboratory and Powerpuff Girls characters; one in the spirit of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings; one that would mix live action (shot partially using native digital 3-D, IMAX 3D Digital, and 2D 24-p High Definition Digital Video cameras, and 35mm ananmorphic, 65mm, VistaVision and 15/70mm IMAX motion picture film cameras) with 2D traditional hand drawn cel animation of the Dexter’s Laboratory and Powerpuff Girls characters (done in an animation style and character design style that should closely resemble, be a throwback to and be much more faithful to those of the eariler seasons of Dexter’s Lab and the Powerpuff Girls and the Ego Trip movie, which would still make it pure television quality, despite the computer shading and highlights and shadows or so), photorealistic CGI and animatronic puppetry of the creatures, innovative practical and digital special and visual effects wizardries, technologies and techniques both old and new, and a world fabricated from physical live action sets, real life location photography, practical miniature models/sets, and sometimes photorealistic CGI environments with a more natural and intuitive level of realistic interaction previously unthinkable since Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Space Jam and Looney Tunes Back in Action, respectively.

    As for the music, it should be an epic combination of traditional orchestra, electronic sounds, ehtereal choirs, and ethnic and exotic instruments, ethnic and exotic vocals, ethnic and exotic woodwinds and ethnic and exotic percussion.

    As for the sound and sound effects, I think Skywalker Sound or so should be responsible for the sound, even if it’s mixed in Dolby Surround 7.1.

    And I think Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital facility or so should handle the 2D hand drawn animated Dexter’s Laboratory characters moving around and interacting within a world fabricated from live action, practical miniature model and/or digital environments, while Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) should do the same thing with the Powerpuff Girls characters.

    As for the story, as the story proper of the Dexter’s Odyssey saga begins, Dee Dee’s friends, Lee Lee and Mee Mee come over to her house for a slumber party or sleepover (after the manner of Tribe Called Girl) and her brother, Dexter (who owns a top secret laboratory as vast and expansive as NASA), wanting to learn more about girls and an ancient legend known as The Avatar, spies on Dee Dee, Lee Lee and Mee Mee in her room. Dexter was discovered by Lee Lee, who decided to took Dexter under her wing as her pupil, with Lee Lee acting as his mentor, romantic love interest, friend and mother figure.

    When the villagers in Dexter’s neighborhood, including Mom and Dad, Lee Lee’s wise and gentle Uncle Taikiroh (who raised her since she was a baby who was smuggled away from her kingdom, Shangara (a land mainly inspired by China and Japan) by the wise and gentle wizard Akelûng to avoid capture from the forces of evil when just such a child is born), and Akelûng discovers that Lee Lee is in fact, the Avatar Leilung’salu who is to bring about the downfall of the evil Dark Lord Mandark and his Dark Forces, Lee Lee, Dexter, Dee Dee and Mee Mee must take a epic, perilous, Lord of the Rings-style quest to the volcanic fires of Mount Nostradamus in Mandark’s kingdom, Astronoma, to destroy Mandark and break the power of the Dark Forces, while encountering dinosaurs, dragons and even the Powerpuff Girls and Mojo Jojo along the way.

    It’s gonna be a vast canvas on the scale of the Ring Cycle of Wagner, an epic tale that might take a dozen (twelve) live action/animated epic films (that each run to a duration of three hours or more and which will all be filmed, made, produced and even shot back-to-back, concurrently, at once and at the same time) to tell in full.

    That project will be Dexter’s Odyssey and it’s gonna be one of, if not, the biggest, most ambitious film project the world should ever see since James Cameron’s Avatar and Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, and also one of the best, and great eccentric cinematic masterpieces even of the 21st century or so.

    Sorry it is a long comment, sorry for rambling on and sorry for being off-topic, Shivaji Varma, but it’s gonna be great!


  2. thank you shivaji fr sharing these beautiful pictures…….i wish i could see them once again…..the cartoons of today are bakwas…..if u hav any videos pls tell me

  3. is there any chance the cartoon network can get all these shows back…………. ?? they were a life support to me…… the way i speak, respond, my attitude, style thinking etc… are based on only these shows………………!!!!

  4. which was that cartoon in which there was an island and many children lived there and there was a girl who was called rajkumari. please tell

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  6. Thanks alot for posting these pics. i am 12 and i rember so little from whern i was lots younger, watching samuari jack…i wasnt alowed to watch for reasons i dont know, and for the other ones. i wish cartoon network would bring back all of the good shows. some i dont ever rember watching or seeing because they where before me, but i do rember pokemon, samuari jack, dexters lab, some of dragon ball, the bear, jackie chan, loads of others. also, dose anyone know where i can find free vids of samurai jack? i would really apreciate it.

  7. u missed “THE ADDAMS FAMILY”..it was a great show and one of my all time favourites..! nd i hope many of u also luved it..

    • From the original transformers his name was bubblebee. So they actually changed his from what it was originally

  8. We would like to request to the CARTOON NETWORK that please bring the old cartoons back to the screen………!!!!!!!!!!
    People still love watching it………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are were touched those cartoons…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE think about it open another substitute channel on which you can review this CARTOONS again Please, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bro EVEn i want too alll of those cartoons ..coz DBZ and naruto and all of these cartoons r one part of my life ..i remember det i bunked my tuitions …coz i really dnt wanted to miss any episode …really i want them back …as u said …open another channel for all of these cartoons …

      • and thnx alot ..for this post …really i miss det golden days …THE OLD AND GOLD MEMORIEs :’) :’) 😀

  9. These cartoons have been a very big part of my life growing up. When today i surf to the channel called CN it feels alien. The cartoons which i watched have been and will be inseparable from my treasure of memories. My heartfelt thanks for posting these pictures which brought back those memories

  10. You’ve missed “Ed, Edd, & Eddy”, the original “Thundercats”, “Salormoon”, “Cow & Chiken”, and “Gundam.” But thank you for this thread. I had forgotten about some of these.

  11. hi people I love those old cartoons too I had no choice but to watch because my kids would watch nothing else however there was this one cartoon i can’t remember the name of in which the main character was called blu and he lived in the house of ? can anyone else remember that one.

  12. Forgot the snorks, the smurfs, huckle berry hound, hong kong fui, josie and the pussycats, quick draw madraw, droppie, roger rabbit

  13. there was a programme i used to watch and it was about a girl i think, and she her skin colour was a grey(ish) colour .. can anyone help me, i really cant remember the name:-(

    • yes,i also i always see the shows when i was sad or my mom scold me or i tied with studies
      then i see the cartoon network it make my mod fresh. i always missed the cartoon network
      it make my life beautiful and happy. when see now cartoon network i always miss that time.
      knows cartoon network not so good. i never forgot that time it always in my mind.

  14. you missed ‘ TOP CAT ‘ the cat which sleeps in a garbage can 🙂 and ‘ phenalaphy pit stop ‘ those 3short cop running and saving a woman who’s always been kidnapped by villain remember? 🙂

  15. oops missed few they r heidi, speed racer, mike lu n og. ed edd n eddy, code name kids next door, grim n evil(adventures of billy and mandy), fosters home for imaginary friends…. n my favoutite card catcher’s n sabrina the teenage witch…

    please can u get them back… sick of currnt cartoons featuring right now want d old cartoons back

  16. MIB, Johnny Quest, A contest where every cartoon character participates(I dont know the name exactly)
    Thanks Shivaji.. You made my day. I am happy to see you and few more people who commented before me and showing your gratitude towards cartoons. I like them anytime even in my old age.

  17. You shouldn’t just include cartoon network shows but also shows that came on Nicklodeon, Fox Kids (star plus show at 6) and Disney shows also.
    Nicklodeon : Cat and Dog, Rugrats, Adventures of jimmy neutron, Legends of hidden temple, avatar:the last airbender.
    Fox Kids:The Tick, Bobby’s world, ninja turtles, X-men, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer.
    Disney:Aladin, Duck Tales, Mickey and Friends, etc.,
    Cartoon Network:Droopy, Garfield and friends, G.I.Joe, Hong Kong Phoey, Jackie Chan Adventures, Justice League, Looney Tunes Show, Max Steel, All versoins of scooby Doo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teen titans, addams family, The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest, Smurfs, tom and jerry kids, Thundercats, topcat, Wacky races and X-men:Evolution.

  18. there was a show about some peaple living in spaceship … there are three heroes each have its own air planes ….. these airplanes join together in different ways to form differen robots.. one of them has a stic which can be enlongated as a main weapon ……… please tell me its name

  19. U forgot scooby doo show and The Adams Family nd The lulu Show, Arial, Richie Rich, Talespin, Duck Tales, Gummi Bears, Lion King, noddy, oswald nd friends, pingu, bob the builder, recess.. :p
    Sorry for a long list :p

  20. What was the show that reminded me of bey blades but used figures that shot balls at each other and tried to hit the target right below the shooting mechanism

  21. The mask and batman is my all time favouraite shows.I m searching their hindi version could nt find them.
    thanx shiva fr sharing this
    i m crying man

  22. ooh u all forgot about “teenage mutant ninja turtles” and “dragon tales”& you aloso forgot “Strawberry Shortcake”

  23. Hi to all
    Another cartoon program is there i cant remember the name but it was a war like thing in which two opponent will be fighting they will have some kits and guns in there back pack on one side of the team wearing orange suit opponent team wearing black suit they were the bad guys, they will have a mini computer like thing in left hand like predator when they operate it hook will be coming from there back pack, all of them will be traveling through ropes on the top and also fighting by traveling through ropes only, background scenery will be all giant trees will be coming in that only ropes will tied, a hook like thing will be coming out from and it will be attached to the rope to the top of the soldier’s head . fully solider will be there i cant remember the name but the cartoon show will be superb, i am searching for that name and show, if u get my imagined cartoon show means pls try to remember and tell me the cartoon show name.

  24. some old cartoon series
    1. xiaolin showdown
    2. the mummy animated series
    3. saturdays
    4. talespin
    5. duck tales

    can i get these old cartoon videos in hindi please tell me

  25. aladin,telspin,uncles screws,chip and dale,tom and jerry, can we add shakti maan and captain vyom in this list bcz both are my fav.

  26. hey there was a show whichonly came on sundays it was a little recent in about 2011 or 10 it was about aguy who went into parallel world and had a sword and monster came from little balls can anybody please tell me the name of the show

  27. relly iam sooooooooooo glad to u..

    y bcz 15 years back wen im child i cmpltly fan to cartoon network.

    stil i hav a small remainders in my mind..bt i cant c dat charecters again..

    now jst i c da all chrecters again

  28. courage the cowardly dog, sheep in the big city, code-name: kids next door, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Generator Rex, The Pink Panther Show and winx club.

    • Thanks frnd.. i was unable to remember the winx club anme.. i was searching like hell for that show name..! thanks dude.. its my fav one.. can any one pls give links to all episodes of “the legend of snow white”?

  29. there was a show in which people had powers and the used to call spirits which were stored in their amulets or pendents, does anybody remember the name??

  30. so nostalgic!!! really miss watching them..the news are so boring n hopeless.. there was one show which used to come every sunday morning around 10 i guess in which all the cartoon characters would be there and there would be different competitions between them..i cant remember the name of the show..but it used to be so much fun watching it..

  31. please help me search a cartoon name

    he is very old cartoon tips:-he is futuristic,he puts some gadget her ear and blue light come right ear to left ear and he was go anouther dimension please tell cartoons name

    • no sir is other cartoon he is diffrent and older cartoon series
      tips;- he has another dimension relaited cartoons
      one cartoon characters is handicap thers is no legs but he was go another dimensions and he is 3d and his man have legs and he fight was evil vilans


      he is very old cartoon tips:-he is futuristic,he puts some gadget her ear and blue light come right ear to left ear and he was go anouther dimension please tell cartoons name

      • I remember this too but I CANT FIND THE TITLE someone please help. Theresa gadget near the ear and when they activate it blue lights surround their eyes and they are in different worlds. I think one of the male characters was blond

  32. and guys one of the worst thing …i want to tell u ..they didnt showed even full series like they stop showing DBZ , naruto , ultimate muscle , in half …of series …aaaaahhhh GOSH !! i really hate det …i was fucking crzyy abt det all cartoons …as well as now …iif any one knows where can i get all episodes of naruto and dragon ball z ( all series ) ….

  33. does anyone remember a show where there was this guy with like fat lips and sort of a bold or mohawk haircut or some sort of hairstyle like that and he had like a master who i think was short and he had to go into fighting tournaments i remember he used to wear blue with a bit of red i think. I also remember an episode where he fell asleep in one of his fight in the tournament but he was blocking and still defending himself. can anyone remember ? and if you’s do please reply to me with the names of it !

  34. there was a one more cartoon which they use to broadcast after beyblade it was like chinese gal with a magic long stick and she use to had a flying cat as pet but @ times dat cat use to transform in sort of warrior … i cant remember the name but it was really awesome .. after school bey blade and dat chinese type of cartoon i never missed a single episode 🙂 please tell me da name if any 1 makes it out

    • bud.. that was card captors


  35. Mughay wo cartoon nahi yaad aa rahay jis main aik larka tha jo rubber k tarha lamba ho jata tha.is cartoon main aik vilin tha jis k hath ki ungliyan sword thin.plz help me.

  36. I grew up with theses shows and many more!! we want the old Cartoon Network back!

    rocket power
    Ed, edd, and eddy
    courage the cowardly dog
    Codename kids next door
    cat dog
    Hey arnold
    Cat scratch
    teen titans
    powerpuff girls
    Zoey 101
    Fosters home for imaginary friends
    the Amanda show
    The grim adventures of billy and mandy
    among many many others that i grew up with and watched all the time when i was younger! theses were classics and i still watch them whenever i can find them! im only 14 but i can all ready see the difference in our entertainment. The shows now aday are based around violence and are teaching kids that tv is the only form of entertainment! I miss these these shows and say that Cartoon Network was gone as soon as they stopped playing these shows. Cartoon Network doesnt deserve to be called Cartoon Network until shows like these are aired on it again! i say no more Cartoon Network until they bring back the old Cartoon Network!!

  37. Everyone is complaining about “the new Cartoon Network”. we miss shows like: my gym partner’s a monkey, camp lazlo, the lifes and times of juniper lee & etc. yes we do enjoy some of the new shows like adventure time, gumball and regular show but where are the class of 3000? the marvelous misadventures of flapjack? most of us watch only few shows on CN and that sucks cuz its my favourate channel.

  38. i like transformers very much , could you pls tell me from where could i watch as the series you have mentioned is the one i need, as they give irrelavent info on the net.thank you

  39. you can download many cartoons from torrents. Many of them are available on torrents but they are not in hindi this blog is awesome thumbs up 🙂

  40. One more to be added to this list is ”Dragon Tales” ..I used to love that! it was my all time favourite!
    Among the above, i used to like tom and jerry, powerpuff girls, popeye and some others! *memories* Those were the cartoons! Now a days cartoons are not like they used to be at that time!!
    also, others in the good ones were ”Blues Clues”,”Teletubbies”,etc.

  41. been racking my brain for the past 30 mins… here is what I came up with.

    the flinstones
    the jetsons
    yogi bear
    the adams family
    2 stupid dogs
    Tom and Jerry
    Popeye the sailor man
    the mask (cartoons)
    Sylvester and tweety
    loony toons
    powerpuff girls
    cat and dog
    Dexter’s laboratory
    jonny bravo
    samurai jack
    Jackie chan adventures
    ben 10
    dragonball Z
    the grim adventures of bill and mandy
    courage the cowardly dog
    Ed, Edd,and eddy
    Kim Possible
    Operation: Kids Next Door
    top cat
    Pink panther
    the Garfield show
    wacky races
    the adams family
    sailormoon (yes, I watched it)
    cow and chiken
    foster home for imaginary friends
    woody the woodpecker show
    the land before time
    the smurfs (the cartoon series)
    the adventures of Tintin
    Sabrina the teenage witch
    angry beavers
    totally spies
    teen titans
    teenage mutant ninja turtles
    duck tales
    pinky and the brain
    chip and dale
    winx club (yes, I watched it)
    duel masters
    the adventures of sonic the hedgehog
    hey Arnold

  42. LOL people really miss adams family&retro cartoons like flintstones XD

    Anyway here’s some you missed :-

    Atomic betty (Cartoon network)
    MAX steel (Cartoon network)
    Spiderman 3d (Cartoon network)
    Archies weird mysteries (cartoon network)

    Cyborg Kuro chan (Sony TV animax time)
    Little princess Sara (Sony TV animax time)
    Little Women (Sony TV animax time)
    Ranma (1/2 Sony TV animax time)
    Fancy Lala (Sony TV animax time)
    UFO BABY! (Sony TV animax time)
    Daigunder (Sony TV animax TIME)
    Inu Yasha (Sony TV Animax Time)

    Martin Mystery (Jetix)
    Totally Spies (Jetix)
    American Dragon (Jetix)
    Lilo&Stich (DIsney TV) There was a “DIsney TV” before Disney XD

    people don’t remember what channel these cartoons used to air on.

  43. Guys there was a cartoon in which guys used to participate in a fishing competition. The fishing rod was of high tech. When they catch a mysterious fish their points would go up. Plz tel the name of it. I’m going mad:(

  44. samurai jack, jonny bravo ,tom and jerry ,spiderman and the old Scooby doo are all still on just on some different channels

  45. Had tears in my eyes by remembering old days. Good list
    Add Hong kong Phooey, atom ant and wacky races. I am extemely disappointed with cartoons shown on tv now , we can get together and request cartoon network to telecast old shows contact me 09464859570
    Respect to hanna barbera, chuck jones etc.
    There was courage the cowardly dog and ed edd and eddy also bay the way

  46. Excuse I was hoping anybody who passes this could help me.

    I’m a 14 year old teenage who used to watch this cartoon when she was younger. But it’s been so long and I’ve forgotten the name and everything. I know that plot though.

    It’s a cartoon about a teenage boy in search for his monster? (I think) He has a best friend who always tags along (he wears classes and is usually hunched over)
    Our main character has a sister(I think blonde), a mother, and a cheap grumpy father( i think)

    I believe in this show monsters aren’t something to be scared of. They’re like pets. The adults don’t like them but the kids do? I don’t know.

    Someone usually featured monsters are dracula and frankinstein. In one ep his father rubbed a genie lamp. But it wasn’t a genie and they ended up having to give the monster 3 wishes.
    In another ep dracula fell in love with a day vampire. But they got the time mixed up. She thought they meant 3 pm but he meant 3 am

    That’s as much as I remember.
    I think there was a girl as well and she was originally a monster. But they shaved her? I dont know.

    So ya, if any adult here remembers their child watching it and was able to catch the name, it would be highly appreciated. Like seriously, I loved that show.
    Okay thank you

    • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters? Is this the one? Give me some more info about this show like on which channel was it aired on and what were the names of the characters?

  47. In India (don’t know about other countries) some of the old cartoon shows are still aired at nights on cartoon network, Powerpuff girls, Kids next door, Johny Bravo, Courage the cowardly dog, Ed, Edd n Eddy and some other cartoons.

  48. I remember there was this really, really, really old Cartoon Network show (if i’m not mistaken) I was like I don’t know, 8,9…? That there was this team of robot like people that each had these unique abilities. I remember a few: one has this ability to freeze time, one had to press his belly button and he changed into shapes/things, one had like rocket launchers from his knees or somewhere.

    Please, if anyone could help me remember this show, I’d appreciate it! I really wanna see this show once again 🙂 thanks!

  49. can anyone help… there was a show where trere were 3 zombies and their neighbour was a mysteriuos man… the 3 little zombies had there grlfrnds also………….. can anyone recall its name??? anyways tnx.x. for the list …

  50. Hay if u knw sm1 frm crton ntwrk thn plz rqst thm 2 brng tht amazng shows back n carton ntwrk..All miss thm lot!!!

  51. panalope pitstop, atom ant, space ghost, top cat, all star laugh olympics,two stupid dogs, birdman n dnt knw wat wat cartoons :p miss dem lots

  52. hey guys i don’t remember the shows name but in it there will be a mouse and a cat they keep on racing in cars note that’s not tom and Jerry other than it if u guys remember plese say it

  53. There was this one that wasnt mentioned. I can remember the name. But it had a kid with like a claw stick weapon or something.

  54. hey!
    there was a cartoon in which players throw cards and spirits of dragons came from cards and fight with each other,
    do any1 knows the name of that?

  55. Hi I’m 20 yrs old from Malaysia..
    I rmb last time I watch 1 cartoon from cartoon network,
    It is about the virus infection in the teenager’s body (about 13 yrs old)
    And the story is about the antibody 1 is in blue colour and wearing a jacket..another 1 is a vitamin C is in red and yellow colour.
    The whole series is telling us how they defend their master body or health through the system in the body..
    I can’t figure out what is this cartoon’s name..even search on wikipedia of cartoon network also didn’t show up..so hope u guys can help.. I miss that cartoon very much..it improve my knowledge also 😦

  56. there was a show in which a small boy’s journey was shown from being a go kart racer to getting promoted to the f1 main racing ?i think it came on cartoon network . can anybody tell me the name of this show? thanks in advance

  57. Dude…u r missing a lot of cartoons like inazuma eleven……..I think there used to be a cartoon consisting of some racers who used to go to go to other world through a portan seeking for some cards at the end of portal……plz help me searching it……

  58. I used to watch the show Naruto. But i couldn’t watch completely beacuse the channel stoped the telecast of the show for what reason i don’t know. I want to watch the show Naruto again…i love that show

  59. thankew sir… it was really a nice collection. It brought me back to my childhood memories.the poke’mon nd after that shows arrives i left to watch cartoons!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. galtar and the golden lance was missed, also there were some shows aired on star tv, on robots…i cant remember the names, please help me recollect

  61. hey Hi, does anyone remember the show in which there was a group of kids who had playing cards with which they challenged others having the cards. it was a nice program if someone remembers it please let me know…….. Thanks

  62. Please help there was a show someone mentioned with a character that had a gadget near his ears and when activated a blue band of light covered his eyes and the would go to another dimension/world. I think he mightve been blond and there was another character who was in a wheelchair that the device too. I couldve sworn it was johnny something but I guess it isnt’. and it IS NOT jonny quest.

  63. you have done a wonderful job….i almost cried when i saw these old cartoons….really miss them….iam doing my college now,but still i download timon and pumba,tom and jerry,loony toons……thnx a lot,this blog really helped me,,,,,

  64. What about….

    Courage the cowardly dog
    I am weasel
    Ed, Edd and Eddy
    Two stupid dogs
    swat cats
    the mask
    men in black
    ghost busters
    top cat
    sylvester and tweety mysteries
    Little lulu show
    mike lu and og
    justice league
    Speed racer
    josie and the pussy cats
    Samurai jack
    Thank u for the post, it made me feel nostalgic…1998 to 2002 is what i call the golden age of cartoon network. The shows were that aired on cartoon network during that period have impacted me and my childhood so much that I pity the kids born in the 2000’s as they have missed some amazing and legendary shows and all they get to watch now-a-days is ben10 or oggy. R.I.P old cartoon network 😥

  65. thanx a ton you made me accomplish my lost memories .By the way from the beggining of this page i missed a wonderful cartoon it was my all time fav DENNIS THE MENACE (the old series which included mr wilson ) lol it was best eveeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr show and i also liked LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE and CAPTAIN PLANET . Also no one had mentioned TIMON AND PUMBA it was another fantastic show

  66. Thank you so much.I felt so good all that shows i really miss them. all the show were and are so awesome and will be in future. todays generations shows are so boring like doramon, power rangers, chota bhem,etc. and oswald,noddyand pingu are pogo’s show not of cartoon networks.once again thank u so much.

  67. WOAH! These are actually the oldest Cartoons. It took me all the way back to the previous Cartoon Network and my Childhood. Bless you! I still miss Samurai Jack and Johnny Bravo. I almost watched every cartoons and I still watch most of them.

  68. None of u mentioned Fantastic Max, It centers on a diaper-wearing toddler named “Fantastic Max” who has adventures in outer space in a planet called Twinkle-Twinkle……………oh i loved this show………..

  69. once again remembering all those shows was awesome………… U FORGOT WINX CLUB, DRAGON TALES, COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG, ROLL NO. 21. If i remember more then i’ll let u know.

  70. Pingback: Which cartoon from Cartoon Network do you miss watching?

  71. Pingback: Which cartoon from Cartoon Network do you miss watching? | johncreery60

  72. please anyone can say the name of the live-action show that once aired in cartoon network
    it is a show having 12 rangers [4 sqads- 3 in each ] aired at time of around 6 pm………….i cant remember its name………..plz sai it……thank you

  73. ”Little lulu show” was one of my favourites…. in 1998 ,i was in 2nd standerd,,,after my school time i use to run home within 10:30am…for this particular cartoon show 🙂 🙂 😛

  74. Richi rich, Flint stones, Powerpuf Girls, Dester The Laburty Phir se Chalu Karo Aur Transforam

    Use Ro Accha SAb Chalu Karna Chahiye

  75. Thats a great list.
    Here are a few you missed out :
    Goldie gold and action jack
    The looney toons show ( bugs bunny)
    Scooby Dooby Doo
    Winsome Witch
    The atom ant
    Cow and chicken
    The huckleberry hound show
    I am weasel
    The perils of penelope pitstop
    Josie and the pussycats

    Hanna Barbara cartoons ❤
    Miss all of them !

  76. My favourite shows is dragon ball z,dragon tales, richie rich, jackie chan, scooby doo and pokemon,harry and the bucket full of dianosarus

  77. hi shivaji. first of all I want to thank u for uploadind these shows name. like u guys I also loved to watch these shows they are a part of my life long gone. I only remember some shows like naruto,dbz,Pokémon,bakugab,mask,courage the cowardly dog, etc. I love these shows but cartoon network stopped these shows . I really want to watch these shows again.I even become emotional sometimes when I think about these shows. sorry for the lengthy comment. please reply.

  78. ninja turtles was good also

    i cant remember the name but i used to watch these cartoon on something magic planet or the last planet ..
    humans used to fly planes which transformed into robots to fight some aliens..their were a full series .
    Zentordi forcres ( not sure of the name 😛 )
    then the red baraoid
    The Invents some

    does any one know what cartoon am i talking about 😦

  79. There was a cartoon… I don’t remember the name but can describe some scenes.
    A little boy and a girl were having rings each having broken peace. Whenever they merge the broken peaces of both rings, a genie comes and fulfill their desires…

    Can anyone remember the same ???

  80. Thanks Man …..that was really awsome….another cartoon name dual master ,mike lu and ogg courage the cowardly dog, ed edd and eddy , card capters , static shock ….and many more…any way thanks for rememberingme all this….thank you…

  81. Sheep in a big city ,courage the cowardly dog , men in black , robot boy , max steel . But let me tell u the mask was my favourate i miss them a lot

  82. hey guys… i don’t remember the name of that series bt in every series there were different cartoon… bt they had the same starting… two live kids(not cartoon) are reading story from the book… & after that it convert into cartoon… plz tell me the name if any1 remember…

    & by the way i have the full version of justice league series…

  83. hey guyZ jst on ur t.v aftr 1.am
    U ll’ get the powerpuff girls ,johny bravo,dextors laboratory,and many more cartoon series…

  84. It is really a great collection sir. I am a big fan of all of these shows but some of my favourite are
    The baby looney toones
    A pup name scooby doo
    Ed ,EDD & Eddy
    Tenali Raman Etc.
    I think we should together make a request to cartoon network and pogo to start these shows again.

  85. Hey I need ur big help, I forgot the name, in that there will be 5 guys who will go in a train to a other world. To will find animal type machines and untie to it. There will also be a boy with the help of thunder. Please help me with this, to find that show.

  86. Thanks ……… after reading your blog i became very nostalgic ……… these were my favourite cartoon shows ………..your list is really good ……….. Cartoon Network was really good in the recent past ……….but now it has lost it’s formar glory ………. BTW ………. you missed “Ed , Edd N Eddy “

  87. i have no specific memory of any cartoon bt i miss all of them.
    Cartoon Netwrk shud start a new channel to air all the old cartoons in hindi like Star Plus started Star Utsav for old daily soaps.

  88. recees ,, kids next door and that special episode which used come on ever christmass day ,,, love that old cartoon network now a days new programs of cartoon network are worst plsss start old series ol cartonn network it wass more sucessfulll

  89. Hi this is Dolly.. There is one cartoon still missing.. I cann’t remember the name.. In the cartoon one young girl visit all places and spread peace. She visit with her friends and also animal friends…. Please tell me the name if you can

  90. All the cartoons are very likely
    If there possible please add the sites to dawn load the episodes of all cartoons

  91. can anyone help…
    there was a show
    where trere were 3
    zombies and their
    neighbour was a
    mysteriuos man… the 3
    little zombies had
    there grlfrnds
    also………….. can
    anyone recall its
    name??? anyways tnx.x.
    for the list …

  92. Hey frnds
    there was a show called dragon tales in which a bro and sister rub a plate then they move to dragonworld. Its amazing show.
    Phineas and ferb.spiderman
    fosters home ,mr.bean , akbar birbal show

    specially tenali raman
    Ther is a chance of getting all those shows by requesting CN no.of requests sending. Gather lots of members.

  93. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbooooooooooooosssssssssssssssss thank you.

  94. Ppl thr was a show on star one with kids in it and they had some kind of mechas and used to protect the mechas and stuffff……I’m 14 and I used to watch it when I was like 3 I guess……..been searching for tht show for yrs plzzzz help

  95. it refreshed my memories but where are bey blade, duel masters, bakugan battle blowers and some other shows . i am now 16 and i used to watch all of them thanks

  96. The perils of Penelope Pitstop, Wacky races are old cartoons. You can find the image in goolge. And thank you for refreshing the memories.

  97. plzz sir cn u plz agn shw the old cartoon cz we lyk to wtch agn old cartoons..we missd old cartoons lyk dexter, pwr puff grls, fred flinston,swat cats, adams family etc. sir plz we reqest u plz strt agn to shwng old cartoons..

  98. i want old cartoon episoads please give me a web sites .i have three web sites (1)dorabuzz.in,(2)animestars.in,(3)freshnet.in

  99. i love these cartoons.
    but the indian version of them is sick. the billy mandi and life mein haddi made me puke!
    why does india have to interfere in evrything? leave cartoons alone for god’s sake

  100. When I was a kid….I just turn on the tv after school….play the remote to the channel no. 35 and watch adams family,ed edd n eddy,flintstones,swat Kats,pokemon,popeye…….kenan n kel,…..etc….etc…..,that was the best times of my life as a kid,,,,2 live wid the fantasy of cartoons,,,,,and now as a grown men……isaw thatchildrens who saw happily that cartoons…that’s bring back me 2 the time,of my life when I felt best………I want them back..yeah!!!……childhood is best…..because @ that time we don’t care abt wat will happen…..bcause the only thing we care abt is 2 # BeHappy.

  101. I could not remember the name of the 3d animated show where an astranout with his team & a spaceship travels on several plenets. Please help me to identify the name of the program. It was broadcasted in about 1999-2005.

  102. Hi….. there is a 3d animated space show where an astronaut with his team travels in space from one planet to another planet. Please help me to identify it.

  103. hi, guys
    I am looking for a show in which.. characters used to wear cap or helmet kind of thing and than switch on and than they go into whole new world …. this like we have seen this kind of stuffs in MATRIX MOVIE AND AVATAR MOVIE .. can you tell me the cartoons name please

  104. You forget few like Bob the builder, Oswald, cat dog, Jetson, men in black, sponch bob square pants, hey Arnold, recess, avengers, make way for noddy, old Nickelodeon cartoons.

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