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Students take many oral and written exams in the years of schooling. Pupils have to be evaluated by their teachers to see whether they make progress or not. Some people may argue that exams are not necessary so they should be abolished. However, they are essential because exams test students’ skills and enable them to overcome their nerves.

Many people may claim that examinations test a limited range of skills. They favour people, who have a good memory and techniques. They are theoretical and useless because students may forget the subjects, which have been learned, as time goes by. However, coursework and exams may test a greater range of skills. It may also be an efficient way to measure the knowledge.

It has been argued that students may suffer from the consequences of stress and anxiety during exam preparation so they may show poor performance in exams. Exams may also lead to illnesses. However, many students may overcome their nerves so they may perform well.

In conclusion, it is obvious that exams are necessary because they may measure people’s abilities and how much they have learned. Some students may have an opportunity to overcome their nerves. They should be optimistic towards examinations.

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