What is “LiFe”?

Yes life is like that, you get screwed when you think you have figured everything out, correctly?
Yes life is like that, you get screwed when you think that everything would work out perfectly? 

What is life without getting screwed up (big time) ?
What is life if everything is perfect?

Life is nothing more than a cycle. Dont be upset if you are having a hard time, just wait let the storm pass by. But remember to live life to the fullest once you get back your old days. Because these days you will remember for the rest of your life.
Dont be upset if things dont follow. They will.

  • Remember the days when you were surrounded by lots of people, but now you are all alone.
  • Remember the money you had spent on crazy things,and now you are in debts.
  • Remember the sacrifices you have made to get someone’s love, but now it’s missing.

Our life’s have become so empty and lonely that we forget to appreciate the little drops of rain falling by making the most beautiful site in the entire universe.
I am writing this because I am missing that very point which I called the “Best days of my life”.
No one matters now except for the friends, family and moments I have.
I want them back and I know they will be back soon!