216 thoughts on “DBMS Project–Bus reservation system

  1. hi sir,
    i need full source code for online bus reservation system project.
    im waiting for ur reply…
    thanking u……

  2. Hello,i found your post via google search,im interesting in this system,can u send me in email the source code,thanks for this good job

  3. Passenger’s gender must be noted, One user can book more than one seat so it should be mentioned in database…… but overall it is nice try….

  4. Sir, I really like the project i am planning to work on bus ticket booking system project for my course.

    Can i have the source code of the project.

    Thank you

  5. sir,
    please send me the source code of this project………
    i am waiting for your reply….
    thank u..
    (plz help me…

    frm: subashini

  6. sir, i am doing exactly same project under ur guidance, could u please send me the code for this project in a week please,sir very thankful to u.

  7. sir .i m doing exactly same project under ur guidance could u send me code for this project in week very thankful to u.

  8. i want more informetion about sorce code of manupulating processes like updata,delete etc can u pls send me that i needed pls

  9. Your software is not open in my computer please tell me how to open and execute your project please :(..
    tell me the details of this project ??
    in which softwares i’ll install to opened this project???

  10. sir please tell me how can i execute this project???
    This project is not open and execute on my computer..
    tell me in which software if i installed, so that this project can be opened..
    help me please me final lab of this project is very near 😦

  11. i want bus ticket reservation project using “SQL server” not using “mySQL”
    please any of you have this project making on that software please send me on this id
    thanx in advance
    i really need this project 😦

  12. hi sir,
    i need full source code for online bus reservation system project.
    im waiting for ur reply…deepupulikkal@gmail.com
    thanking u……

  13. hai sir really dis is a very gud prjct sir so pls will u send me the coding details pls which is going to help me in the prjct sir pls….

  14. dear sir. thank u very much for the code. I want to know which part is front end and which part is back end. Also I want to know where to get the final display window.
    please reply soon because I have to submit the project tomorrow.
    thank u very much.
    my email id is:
    waiting for your response.

  15. hello sir,
    i am a computer science student from UP, currently pursuing my bachelors degree. I have to submit the reservation system project as my minor project. Will you share your source code with me? I will be highly obliged if you help me in this matter. I will work and try my best to make it more stunning & graphically sound. I will submit you my update after my project submission at college. If it is possible for you to share the source with me, please mail me at infork22@gmail.com

    many thanks,
    rutika sharma

  16. i like your project and will like to finish it, send me the source code you have including DBMS, and i will finish it and share on this page

  17. hi sir..please give me the full code of this project . its really important and i really like the way you have executed it..it looks simple and easy to understand..this is the first time i am studying sql and it would be kind enough if you could help me out..kindly mail me the whole project to my email id.. shagundevgan@yahoo.com. please reply soon sir

  18. hello sir.. im doing my college project on Vehicle Ticketing System. i want ur source code to complete my project so can u please provide me your source code so that i can complete my project. my email id is mridul.ghimirae@gmail.com
    hope to hear soon

  19. sir, A very good job and helpfull for the students. Please send me the exact source code for this project.It will be very needfull

  20. How the passenger search a bus for a particular date?
    and i need the database quries only.. thanks in advance..!!

    • Complete query to select bus based on route and date.
      SELECT b.bname,r.rid,(b.max_seats-(select count(rid) from reserves where rid=r.rid)) as Available_seats
      from route r,bus b
      where r.bid=b.bid and r.from_location=@from_location and r.to_location=@to_location and r.departure_date=@departure_date”

      • Shivaji…

        suppose 50 seats available for a Bus..

        including 5 stops(s1,s2,s3,s4,s5)
        if a user books a seat from s1 to s5
        remaining seat availability must shown 49.
        and if a user books a ticket from s2-s3 and leaves.. another one can find a seat from s3-s4, or s3-s5.
        and many conditions are exists there… could u please explain this…

  21. Sir,
    This is great and very much helpful.
    Pls can you send me a sample of this project via my mail.
    Many thanks.

  22. CAN U SEND ME THE CODE BECAUSE WHEN I RUN THE CODE IT SAYS SYNTAX ERROR…and CAN U SEND ME THE ERD relationship …thank u..it will help a lot for my project

  23. Sir… I am doing the same project I need help.. plz tell me how to search or select the bus… Sir plz give me some idea about the project… or send me code of the project plz

  24. its my first time to project if u r send me that’s project source code than i’m very thankfull of you.
    plzzzzzz send me ur project source code.

  25. Please shivaji sir i need,dis project as soon as possible because my project submission date is 19th november. please send me full project with coding and its software. I will be so thankful to you..

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